Career at

Career at, one of the fastest growing freelancing platforms of Bangladesh is launching their Campus Ambassador Program named “ENVOYS”. 

We are looking for enthusiastic students from different colleges and universities who will share our goal and get an experience on how to work behind a startup. 



IK Envoys Responsibilities:

  1. Attending in all the activities of

  2. Joining the weekly meeting & Discussions.

  3. Sharing the posters and events in various relevant Facebook groups.

  4. Posters and events posted from the Facebook page should be shared on both Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms. 

  5. Introducing to their campus.

  6. Creating an opportunity to arrange workshops and seminars in their respective campuses. 

  7. Representing at your institution.



Eligibility for being an Envoy:



→ Senior Envoys: 
      University students of all years
     (2nd year or 3rd-year University students are highly Preferred). 
→ Junior Envoys:
     Must be a College/O-levels student. 

Preferred skills:

  1. Leadership Skills.

  2. Affiliation with any clubs or organizations will be highly preferred. 

  3. Campus influencers will get priority.

  4. Previous CA experience. 

  5. Skills: Marketing, office tools and graphics design.




  1. Certificate on Completion of the 4 months Ambassadorship Program.

  2. Best Envoys will get the opportunity to be the IK-Envoys Mentor. 

  3. Best Mentors will get an opportunity to do internship at

  4. Envoys will get a chance to make a network which will be helpful for their communication skills. 

  5. The opportunity of learning industrial skills.