Career at

Career at, one of the biggest and fastest-growing freelancing platforms of Bangladesh is happy to launch its second Campus Ambassador program named “ENVOYS 2.0”.

We are in search of enthusiastic students from different UNIVERSITIES of Bangladesh who share the same dreams and goals as us so that they can get a glimpse of how an aspiring startup works behind the scene.



IK Envoys Responsibilities:

  1. Introducing and Representing at your institution.

  2. Creating opportunities to arrange workshops and seminars in your respective campuses.

  3. Attending all the activities organized by

  4. Assist in different activities in different departments of

  5. Participation in projects of team.

  6. Promoting the events and activities of InstantKaj on various social media platforms.




  1. Getting Completion Certificate of the 6 months Ambassadorship Program.

  2. Best Envoys will get a Recommendation Letter.

  3. Best of the Envoys will get the opportunity to be the IK-Envoys Mentor.

  4. Best Mentors will be provided with an opportunity of internship at

  5.  Hands-on experience on how a startup works.

  6. A wide network to build your corporate circle.

  7. Envoys will also get the opportunity to learn corporate skills from professionals.

Eligibility for being an Envoy:

Who Can Apply:

  1. Undergraduate students studying in 2nd/3rd/4th year in UGC-approved universities.

  2. Students from any background can apply.

  3. Individuals involved in extracurricular activities are highly encouraged.

  4.  Enthusiastic, bold and agile individuals.


Preferred skills:

  1. Leadership Skills.

  2.  Affiliation with any clubs or organizations will be highly preferred.

  3. Campus influencers will get priority.

  4. Previous CA experience.

  5.  Skills: Marketing, Office Tools and Graphics Design.

                                                  Apply Now

                              Registration Starts From 20th October 2021
                              Registration Ends On 10th November 2021