Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of instantKaj is a set of rule where we have defined various probable issues and their solutions as a helping hand of our clients. We expect our clients will go through the Terms and Conditions before checking agree with it while signing up.

InstantKaj’s Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: January 23

Before you begin to use the Web, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. You consent to be bound by and adhere to these Terms and Conditions, InstantKaj payment terms found here the “Payment Terms”) and our privacy policy, found here by accessing the Platform, by opening an account, or click on access This Site is open to people 13 or older. This page is available. You can not use this Platform or the InstantKaj services if you are under 13 years of age. You represent and warrant that with the use of this Platform, you are of legal age and are in compliance with all of the conditions of eligibility. You must not link or use the Website if you do not satisfy all these criteria.

putting tick or agreeing to the terms and conditions when this option is made available to you on your behalf, your employer or some other person (if applicable). You can not log in or use the Site if you do not want to consent to these Terms and Conditions or to the Privacy Policy. For more detailed policies surrounding the activity and usage on the Site, please access the designated articles herein.

If you have any concerns about this Website or terms of service, our customer service department is available 24-hour. The inquiry can be made in this situation by contacting our customer service team.

Both these Terms of Use and all other texts on the Web are in English as their original language. This translation is only available in InstantKaj for convenience. The English edition shall prevail in the event of a dispute between the original English version and any traduction.

Key Terms

Employers – are the consumers who order InstantKaj services.

Freelancers – are users who sell and also provide services by sending proposals to employers on InstantKaj.

Proposals – exclusive offers that can only be made by a Freelancer in response to a particular Job posted by an Employer.

Customized Proposal – are demands made by the Employer to accept a Custom Bid from a freelancer and vice versa.

Search Jobs – is the page where Freelancers can find the jobs posted by the Employers and send proposals for the jobs. For Employers, this is the page where they can find their posted jobs and the proposal sent by the Freelancers and also can hire Freelancers.


Overview (Main terms, in a nutshell)

  • InstantKaj can only purchase and sell from approved users. Free sign-in is available. When registering for an account, you agree to provide us with valid, complete and up-to-date information and not to create an account for false or deceptive reasons. You are completely responsible for any conduct on your account and for protecting the confidentiality and protection of your password. We are not accountable for any actions or omissions by you in accordance with your account.
  • Jobs on InstantKaj can be offered at a simple starting price of ৳300. Some positions are offered at a base price of more than ৳300, as determined by the freelancer.
  • Freelancers are recruited using the Hire Now button found on the Latest Proposal Page or the On-Going Projects button shown on the Dashboard
  • Please read the Payment Terms for fees and transfers
  • Freelancers must comply with their instructions and should not cancel orders on a daily basis or without cause. Cancelling orders can harm the prestige and position of freelancers.
  • Employers will be rating a freelancer’s account on the basis of their results and credibility.
  • Users may not give or approve payments through any means other than paying from InstantKaj.com.
  • InstantKaj holds the right of using both delivered works and logo designs for the promotion and monetization of InstantKaj (with the concern of the user).
  • Your safety is a matter for us. You will hear about our Privacy Policies on the Privacy Policy page.



InstantKaj is all about helping freelancers to maximize their talents. We aim to empower rising freelancers with effective resources to develop their business. Freelancers who engage in self-promotion will gain greater consumer loyalty. And if they deliver on time and retain good quality and ratings, InstantKaj can reward them with incredible opportunities, benefits and resources that come with them.

  • Freelancers create InstantKaj service posts and employees can buy their services.
    • In addition to their blogs, freelancers can also make personalized deals to employers.
    • Each service you offer and successfully complete accredits your account with an income equivalent to 95% per cent of the sales price.
    • See Payment Terms for more detail on accepting payments, fees and taxation.
    • Freelancers do not advertise their services or any content from InstantKaj through the Google Advertising platform.
    • Freelancers can not refuse to complete the job once they get hired. If someone refuses, strict actions will be taken against the Freelancer.
    • The freelancer can not provide the client with the original file until confirming whether the client liked his work or not. Freelancer can show a prototype instead.
    • If a freelancer fails to reach the client’s exact requirement, he will get a poor rating and might not be recruited by good Employees. A long-lasting poor rating might lead him to be banned as well.
    • The freelancer’s ranking is determined on the basis of the Employers’ order feedback. High ratings allow freelancers to achieve advanced levels of freelancers. In certain cases, overly low ratings can lead to the suspension of the account of the freelancer.
  • In the case of security issues, InstantKaj can temporarily disable the ability of a freelancer to remove revenue in order to deter fraudulent or unlawful activity. This can result from security problems, inappropriate actions reported by other users, or multiple InstantKaj accounts affiliated with a single withdrawal provider. Freelancers are responsible for having a general liability insurance policy with adequate compensation to cover the costs involved with the performance of their services. 



  • Using payment mechanisms outside the InstantKaj network, Employers can not make direct payments to freelancers.
  • InstantKaj reserves the right for publicity and advertising purposes to use all publicly distributed delivered works for InstantKaj.
  • Employers can order a particular service from the Service Post. Services demanded on InstantKaj must be an InstantKaj permitted operation.


  • You can not offer to pay freelancers or use any form other than the InstantKaj.com website to make payments. If you have been asked to use an additional payment form, please mention it to Customer Support immediately.



  • After payment has been verified, your order will be produced and a specific InstantKaj order number will be issued by email


  • Freelancers must use the Send button to have finished files and/or evidence of work (located on the proposal page)
  • Freelancers should not misuse the Send button in order to override the Order Rules defined in these Terms of Service. If an order has not been completed, using the “Submit” button will result in the termination of the order after inspection, affect the ranking of the freelancer and result in a notice to the freelancer.
  • After obtaining the original file from the freelancer, the employee  must not cancel the order or request a refund.
  • Once an employer marked as complete after being marked as Shipped and then approved by a freelancer. An Order is immediately marked as Completed.
  • There is no choice for the Employer who refuses to pay the freelancer by claiming that he is not deserving of payment but he can rate the freelancer accordingly.
  • We allow our employers and freelancers to try to manage disagreements with each other. If this fails after using the Resolution Center for some reason or if you encounter illegal usage of the Website users can contact the Customer Service of InstantKaj for help here. Please refer to the billing terms for more information about complaints, order cancellations and refunds.

Handling Orders

  • When an employer receives a request, while signing in to the account, the freelancer is alerted via email as well as updates into the account.
  • When making their application, freelancers are expected to follow the delivery time they specified. Failure to do so would cause the Employer when an Order is reported to cancel the Order and will affect the status of the freelancer.
  • Freelancers must use the Submit button (located on the proposal page) to send finished files and/or proof of work to mark the order as completed.
  • The scanning of all transferred files for viruses and ransomware is the responsibility of users. InstantKaj would not be held accountable for any harm that could arise due to the use of the web, the use of material or transferred data.


  • An integral aspect of InstantKaj’s rating system is the Feedback Ratings given by employees after finishing a work. Feedback demonstrates the general experience of the employer with freelancers and their operation. Employers are advised to notify the freelancer of any issues faced during their successful order with respect to the freelancer’s operation.
  • Leaving an employer’s feedback is an employer’s inherent prerogative. If there are explicit breaches of our terms and conditions, input scores will not be deleted.
  • All feedback ratings must come from legal transactions carried out exclusively via the InstantKaj platform from users within our Group to avoid any abuse of our Feedback framework. A permanent suspension of all relevant accounts would result in transactions coordinated, determined to artificially boost freelancer scores or to misuse the InstantKaj site with purchases from additional accounts.
  • Feedback comments offered by employers are publicly posted on the profile page of a freelancer.
  • Users are required to leave comments on jobs immediately after a job is labeled as complete.

Disputes and Cancellations

  • We allow our employers and freelancers to try to manage disagreements with each other. If this fails on the website for some reason, users should contact Customer Support from InstantKaj for assistance.

Report a Job    

  • If a Freelancer finds anything wrong or inconvenient for a job, he/she can report the job from the View Job Page. 
  • If an Employer finds anything wrong or inconvenient for a freelancer or a service of a freelancer, he/she can give feedback in the Client Feedback section of the Freelancer.

Cancellation Process

A freelancer can not cancel a job while the proposal has been confirmed by the employee and the freelancer has been appointed for that job. 

  • If an employee cancels the job then he/she will have to give proper reason behind it to the instantKaj customer care. Any cancellation after submitting the project won’t be acceptable so Freelancers should not be submitting any project’s original file before confirming it from the employee.
  • If the employee cancels the order after getting the original file from a freelancer after confirming it then InstantKaj will have the authority take actions for the employee.

User Conduct and Protection

InstantKaj allows people around the world to build, share, sell and buy virtually every service they need at an unbeatable value. The services provided on InstantKaj represent the diversity of an increasing community of freelancers. InstantKaj group members collaborate and contribute through directives, social media, and the community of InstantKaj.

A peaceful, community-spirited, and competent atmosphere is maintained by InstantKaj. When engaging in any operation or InstantKaj extensions, users can hold to the spirit. This segment refers to the desired actions that users can stick to when on InstantKaj engaging with each other.

Please contact our Customer Support service to report a breach of our Terms and Conditions, User Misconduct, or questions about your account.


  • User identities are kept secret to protect the privacy of our customers. It is not allowed to request or supply email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact information to communicate outside of InstantKaj in order to bypass or exploit the InstantKaj messaging mechanism or platform.
  • Within the Latest Proposal Page and even in the Inbox, any appropriate exchange of personal information needed to maintain a service could be shared.
  • For users who communicate outside of the InstantKaj network, InstantKaj does not have security.
  • Both information and file transfers must be carried out solely on the website of InstantKaj.
  • It will not accept disrespectful, offensive, inappropriate language, or aggressive communications and can result in an account alert or the suspension/removal of your account.
  • InstantKaj is open to everyone. Discrimination based on ethnicity, race, age, religious orientation, sexual orientation or otherwise toward a group member is not permissible and may result in your account being suspended/removed.
  • Users may not send proposals or solicit outside of InstantKaj to deal, engage with or pay by parties incorporated by InstantKaj.


Reporting Violations

If you notice any material that may breach our Terms of Service and/or our Community Guidelines, you can report it to us through the proper mechanisms created to resolve these issues as outlined in our Terms of Service. Our Trust & Protection committee is investigating both events. The findings of the inquiry are not shared to protect client privacy. For more data, you can check our Privacy Policy.



Users should be alerted to their account for infringement of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Guidelines or any misconduct reported to our Security and Safety team by users. An alert will be sent to the user’s email address and will be shown on the Web for those users. Warnings may not restrict the operation of your account, but can result in your account losing freelancer status or being permanently disabled on the basis of the seriousness of the breach.


Non-Permitted Usage

Adult Services & Pornography: InstantKaj does not authorize any exchange of pornography or adult oriented materials and facilities.

Inappropriate Actions & Words :  InstantKaj contact should be amicable, positive, and competent. InstantKaj opposes violence, threats, and hate speech against others. We allow users to share messages between people, to rate orders and to interact on wider networks, such as our Community Forum and Social Media accounts.

Phishing and Spam :Security for participants is a high priority. Any effort to publish or submit malicious material with the intention of damaging the account or computing environment of another member is strictly prohibited. By not approaching them with deals, questions, ideas or anything that is not specifically connected to their  orders, please respect the privacy of our members.

Privacy & Identity:You can not publish or share private and sensitive information about other persons. Any sharing of personal details essential to complete the service must be made available on the Order Page. Furthermore, freelancers affirm that any information they obtain from the Employer, it is not in the public domain, shall not be used for any reason other than to provide the Employer with the job. Any users who associate and connect with InstantKaj would not be covered by our terms and conditions.

InstantKaj Original Profile:You must not create a false identity on InstantKaj, distort your identity, create an InstantKaj profile for someone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use the account or information of another user; Your profile information, including your description, skills, location, etc., must be true and full and must not be dishonest, immoral, offensive, though it may be kept anonymous InstantKaj retains the right to ask users to pass a verification method for using the Website (whether by using ID, phone, camera, etc.).

States on intellectual property:InstantKaj will reply to clear and full notices of alleged infringement of copyright or trademark rights and/or infringement of the terms of service of third parties. It is possible to check our Intellectual Property claims processes here.

Scam / Illegal Use: For any improper reasons or to perform criminal acts, you should not use InstantKaj.

Abuse and Spam

Several Accounts: Users are limited to one active InstantKaj account and one active InstantKaj Company account, in order to deter fraud and violence. Any external account that is determined to be generated to circumvent laws, facilitate strategic advantages, or deceive the group of InstantKaj would be disabled. Mass account formation can result in all associated accounts being disabled. Note: any infringement of the Terms of Service of InstantKaj and/or our Group Guidelines is a basis for the permanent suspension of all accounts.

Targeted Abuse:On InstantKaj, we do not support users who participate in targeted bullying or threats against other users. This entails the formation of several new accounts via our message or ordering mechanism to annoy members.

Selling Accounts -You can not purchase or sell accounts from InstantKaj.

Feedback Rights

You will be considered to have given InstantKaj an exclusive, royalty-free, completely paid-up, permanent, irrevocable, worldwide ownership right in the Feedback to the degree that you provide InstantKaj with any views, recommendations or other feedback about the InstantKaj website or the Web as a whole as well as other InstantKaj goods or services (collective, the ‘Feedback’). InstantKaj is under no duty to provide users with any reviews it might get.


Freelancers should acknowledge that it might be necessary for employers to reveal such sensitive information to be used by freelancers for the sake of doing the work ordered and to prevent such confidential information from inappropriate use and distribution. Freelancers also promise to handle all information obtained from the Employers as extremely confidential, top-secret and classified material. I to preserve all such information in absolute confidence; (ii) not to reveal the information to any third party; (iii) not to use the information for any reason other than the delivery of the ordered work; and (vi) not to duplicate or replicate any of the information without the permission of the Employer.

General Terms

  • InstantKaj reserves the right to keep or permanently delete any account for violation of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Guidelines or for any unauthorized or excessive use of the Platform or services.
  • Breach of InstantKaj’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards may permanently disable your account.
  • On InstantKaj, users with disabled accounts would not be able to sell or buy.
  • For more details about the breach and status of the account, users who have breached our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards and had their account disabled can contact our Customer Support team.
  • Auditors are required to validate ownership of their account through Customer Service by supplying materials that indicate ownership of that account.
  • InstantKaj may change its Terms of Service from time to time. After these changes are made, InstantKaj will make a new copy of the terms of service available on this website.
  • You acknowledge and consent that if you use InstantKaj after the date the Terms of Service have changed, InstantKaj will regard your use as approval of the revised Terms of Service.




User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) includes the things added by users as opposed to the stuff produced by the Site. The content that our users (Employers and Freelancers) upload to InstantKaj is User Generated Content. InstantKaj does not verify the appropriateness of the user copyrighted files, copyright issues, trademarks, other rights or infringements and the user is entirely responsible for uploading/creating the content and the effects of using, disclosing, preserving or distributing it.Through uploading or generating material on the InstantKaj Site, you signify and warrant that you possess or have gained all the privileges, permits, consents, authorisations, control and/or jurisdiction required to use and/or publish such content and that such content or use of it on the Site does not and does not (a) infringe or infringe any intellectual property, copyright or privacy rights, data protection or privacy rights. We welcome anyone to report infringements along with proofs of ownership if required. Documented infringing content can be deleted or removed.

In fact, InstantKaj is not responsible for the content, quality or level of service delivered by freelancers. We do not have any guarantee with respect to wages, their proposals, any communications between employers and freelancers. We encourage users to use our rating system and common sense to choose appropriate service.


Ownership and limitations: The Contractor is given all intellectual property rights, not all of which are limited to, copyright of the work done by the freelancer, after accepting proposals on InstantKaj, unless otherwise explicitly specified on the freelancer’s proposals, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, and the freelancer waives any and all moral rights thereby.The freelancer accordingly expressly transfers the copyright of the delivered work to the Contractor. Any sale and assigning of intellectual property to the Employer shall be subject to the full charge for the plan and if payment is terminated for whatever reason, the distribution must not be used. For the removal of uncertainty, the delivered work and its copyright shall be the sole property of the Employer in custom produced work (such as art work, design work, report generation, etc.), and upon delivery,The freelancer acknowledges that in compliance with these Terms of Service, it transfers all privileges, title and benefit to the contractor in and to the job delivered.